Commercial Fryer Repairs Kent

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We repair all commercial fryers, electric, natural gas and LPG ranges and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:


Blue Seal
Moorwood Vulcan



Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Gas fryer
Dismantle and grease taps, clean burners and venturis, check and adjust gas pressure as necessary, check and adjust gas burner pressures, check condition of thermocouples, check calibration of thermostats and carry out soundness tests as necessary

Electric fryers
Check operation of control panel switches and elements, visual check of internal wiring and connectors, carry out earth continuity and insulation resistance tests carry out soundness tests as necessary.


Energy Saving Tips & Trouble Shooting

Make your oil taste better and last longer
Maintaining your oil is the key to producing great tasting food and if you do it properly you can extend the life of the oil significantly. There are three contributing factors to the breakdown of your oil.

Hydrolysis: - when water finds its way into the oil

To help avoid adding water into the oil do not fill the basket directly over the fryer tank, especial frozen food as the ice will fall into the tank

Polymerization: - when food particles compound and bond together to speed up the breakdown

Again do not load the basket over the tank and give the basket a shake before to remove any loose food particles, also when seasoning do it away form the tank as salt is a polymerization agent. Invest in a fryer filter to help remove any food particles and filter regularly

Oxidation: - contact with air

Try to cover the tank as much as possible to minimise the contact the oil has with air

The pilot light will not stay lit
One of three things could cause this, a faulty hi-limit thermostat, thermopile or gas safety valve. You can tell If the thermostat is faulty as the oil will overheat and cause the hi-limit thermostat to trip out and shut everything off.